The Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark III and M1X Menu The Guide for Wildlife and Nature Photographers

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Every menu item a wildlife or nature photographer needs or may use are included in this book, with an easy to follow format that leaves nothing to doubt and eliminates confusion or frustration, both in working with the menu and with taking the best photos of your life!

The subtitle of this eBook, What I use and why, succinctly describes this book. I've been a professional wildlife photographer - full time -- since 1985. I switched to Olympus in 2018, the best photographic decision I've made in a long time. This book explains, in detail, the menu items I use and why I use them. In contrast to most books, this one takes you through every step of the menu via actual photos of the LCD screen and the menu displayed there, so as you follow along your menu will match exactly with what is illustrated. Menus are often too extensive and difficult to navigate, as you try to remember where a menu item is located, but I'll be simplifying this process ... telling you which menu items you can set once and never again (and you can forget where that menu item was on your menu!) and what menu items you will want to revisit, and where you can find them easily.

If you shoot Olympus and you are a wildlife or nature photographer, you'll find this book filled with useful information. If you have friends who don't shoot Olympus, show them this book and you'll soon have friends who do shoot Olympus!

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